Designing a hot plot: Dawn Isaac

Dawn Isaac designed this hot London plot so the occupiers could grow their veg and eat it, all in one space. The couple were keen to grow their own, but given this was at the front of their terraced house, and was visible from the house, it needed to look good as well.

Dawn designed a central seating area, with paths leading to it from the main house entrance. She also constructed a raised area with a curved edge and curved bench, which echoed the shape of the surrounding hedge. The bricks used in the patio deisng matched the walls of the house, which tied the garden into the main building. Box hedging was used to add structure, particularly in winter, but also to form 5 distinct vegetable growing areas to aid crop rotation.

Permanent planting with herbal or edible properties were used to add substance to to the area surrounding the veg including bay trees, lavender and rhubarb. In addition, a beehive shaped composter was added along a stepping stone pathway to fulfill the practical needs of a productive space.

This is one hot plot. If you’re interested in finding out more, have a look at Dawn’s website.

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