Wine crate garden

We’ve had the wine rack garden, and now we’ve got the wine crate garden. This smart container garden was built by Linsey Lewis Hasenbank and her husband on their patio.

It all started with an impulse buy of salad plants at the local grocery store. As the couple had nowhere on their patio to plant vegetables, they decided to make a new area instead.

The look of the garden was as important as the functionality: it was on a paved area. Linsey used old wine crates as planters, and placed them atop a low table with drainage holes drilled in.

The most exciting thing is that this is Linsey’s first time growing her own. She says: “I still have lots to learn…like when to cut the lettuce? How many times will it grow back? Can I replant new lettuce in the same box or do I have to switch to something else?”
If you want to track her progress finding the answers to all these questions, visit her blog.
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