Gooseberries and fish

Mackerel and gooseberries make a surprisingly delicious flavour combination.

I had an enormous crop of gooseberries this year. I made gooseberry fools and all the usual things, but one of the things I’ve been using my big bag of frozen gooseberries for is fish dishes. This is simple smoked mackerel on toast, one of the most delicious treats you can have at any time. But my Flavour Thesaurus recommended oily fish and gooseberries as a combination. I couldn’t resist.

gooseberries and mackerel

I beeped these gooseberries for two minutes in the microwave, and just sprinkled them on the smoked mackerel. And the flavour combination is wonderful. The intense smoky, oily fish bounces off the tart, juicy gooseberries perfectly. One of those flavour explosions that you’re disappointed to taste the end of when you realise you’ve wolfed down the whole lot.

gooseberries and mackerel

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