Doughnut peaches

Sweet and small doughnut peaches make a yummy pudding with yoghurt and lavender.

These are doughnut peaches from our local market. They are so glorious that we have decided to grow them in our own garden this year, especially after the wonderful Carl Legge told me that he’s grown some in North Wales. Well, we’re in central England, so hopefully we’ll have similar success. He recommends ‘Saturn’ from Deacon’s Nursery. We have a lovely west-facing wall on our house which is sheltered by the sharply-rising patio terrace wall on the other side. We’ll wall train the peach, and protect it in the late winter/early spring with some fleece, ensuring that pollinators can reach it on sunny days when the flowers are out, or hand-pollinating.

doughnut peachdoughnut peach

Doughnut peaches are shaped like doughnuts. That kind of observation is why you keep reading this blog, right? They’re light-fleshed, and juicy. Because they’re small, you fancy eating a couple of them in one sitting.

peaches and lavender

Here’s what I did with two doughnut peaches. As this month’s herb recipe challenge is focusing on lavender, I’m going around working out clever new recipes involving this gorgeous herb. Victoria from Southbourne Gardens contributed this lovely recipe for lavender-scented poached apricots, and I had an idea that a light seasoning of lavender flowers in a peach and yoghurt dish would be lovely.

On reflection, I shouldn’t have used quite so much lavender. I probably only needed the very lightest of sprinkling: maybe half a teaspoon. This serving of a teaspoon and a half of flowers was too powerful. Half a teaspoon mixed in amongst the yoghurt would have been divine. You live and learn.

monthly herb recipe challenge

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