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Newbie gardener Sarah Bird celebrates her first wedding anniversary by checking the growth of the saplings she gave to the guests who celebrated her marriage.

June 12th was our second wedding anniversary, so I thought I’d give you an update on how our wedding tree favours are getting on. F&F took some beautiful photos of these at our wedding, so here’s a reminder of how they looked then.

I’m not a big fan of knick-knacks or keepsakes, but I loved the idea of giving away something alive, that would continue to grow long after the wedding day, clocking up the years alongside our marriage. Our guests loved them too and they were a special addition to the table decorations.

Now, when we go to the houses of friends or family, often they’ll proudly show us their sapling’s progress. Although I haven’t kept track of them all, I know that there are trees all around the country, and even one in France, as I discovered this week when my friend posted a picture of her sapling that she’d taken to her parents’ house in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, Aquitaine. Stories like this are always a nice surprise and bring back all the happy memories of the day they were given away.

In fact, writing this post has made me want to track down some more ‘tree stories’. All over the country little lime, ash, rowan, crab apple and oak trees are flourishing, and I’m looking forward to hearing about them for years to come. Here is our own rowan, now a good two feet tall.

The man that we ordered trees from has retired now, but the idea seems to be growing in popularity. If you’re planning a wedding, why not consider giving trees as favours? They may cost a bit more than miniature soaps, comedy key rings or chocolates, but will last much longer.

Do you have any other eco-stylish wedding favour ideas?

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