Purple-podded peas

It’s time to eat the last purple-podded peas.

Finally, our peas are over. Here are the last few, seconds away from being eaten.

purple peas and yellow mangetout

I’ve already written about the crunchy delights of yellow mangetout. But growing alongside these lovely pods, in perfect complementary formation, were purple-podded peas.

purple podded peas

I bought these a few years ago (from Pennard Plants, at a plant fair, when I wasn’t supposed to be spending any money, natch). They’re just called ‘Purple Podded’.

Sadly, the peas aren’t purple. But the pods are pretty enough.

purple pod peas

I’ve left these ones a little too long, if I’m honest. You want to harvest peas before the pod wrinkles like fingers in the bath. Mind you, the seeds in the pod were still juicy, rather than floury.

purple peas

We’ve had a terrific pea crop this year. The plants have lasted longer than usual, and they’ve produced pods for a really good long time, too. Given how poor our soil is, any good crop is a lovely surprise, let alone lovely peas.

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