The Google Garden

Wayward Plants is the way forward for landscape architecture. They designed this amazing garden for the Google Campus in London.

The courtyard is wrapped with a handmade moss wall, watered by clever funnels collecting rainwater. And the moss continues, tagging spaces in the walls as Moss Graffiti.

Water saving and measuring is a key element in the garden. It’s not just those rainwater collectors, but also the solar-powered plant thirst detectors that work out how dry the soil is. It’s a technologically-clever garden for a space that serves technologically-clever start-ups.

The garden itself is made of concrete planters filled with woodland plants such as ferns and hellebores. They are perfect in the shady setting, and against the white walls.

This isn’t the only super-cool project that Wayward Plants have designed. Visit their website to see more.

All images copyright Wayward Plants. You may not use these images without prior permission.

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5 Responses

  1. Gaz@AlternativeEden

    Intersting, and it does look sort of cool. However the actual planting in the beds leaves a lot to be desired, and the water funnels wont exactly catch much rain up, as they are rather small and up against a wall. Chipboard isnt exactly a great outdoor material either.

    Nice concept, and could have been fantastic but seems to have been put together without much real thought into how it will actually do in practice.

  2. charlie b

    This is an amazing garden. Wow! Thanks for posting it. Never heard of Wayward plants before this, but I sure will investigate now.

    • F&F

      Thanks Leila and Charlie. Wayward plants seem to have got the nurturing thing sorted with their clever rainwater harvesting system and those plant thirst sensors too. But I will ask them if they’ve had to replace any parts of the living wall


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