Meet the London artist who tags buildings with her own green signature using moss, not spray cans.

When a building is left derelict, it normally disappears until the scrawled graffiti tags of vandals. But artists like Anna Garforth have found an altogether better way of tagging forgotten buildings.

Moss graffiti is a spin off from the guerilla gardening movement. In London, the best example of moss graffiti comes from artist Anna Garforth. She found a forgotten plot of land which was due for development, and snuck in.

Anna attaches the moss, which she grows herself,  to the walls using biodegradable materials, and the hope is that it continues to grow outwards and slowly colonises the wall until the bulldozers make their way in.



If you want to find our more about Anna’s work, visit her website.

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  1. michelle

    Amazing, inspirational work! I love your concept and use of moss which is often an unwanted plant material. Super and so affective. You have a new fan.


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