Order two lovely country wines to celebrate the start of the summer.

The clocks change this weekend. Summer is on the way. Your free time isn’t spent entirely in darkness. The evenings are getting longer. It’s time for some summer wine.

We were sent these lovely country wines last summer to try, and we liked them so much that we thought we should share them with readers now as everyone gets excited about the return of evenings drinking (and maybe gardening too) outside. They’re from My High Street, which allows people to buy from independent retailers online. It’s a grand idea.

The good thing is that these wines are grand too. Both are quite different.

country wines

The country grape wine looks like a classic white wine, and is a Pinot Grigio, but it tastes beautifully light and sweet too. We enjoyed it while walking round the garden inspecting things, as you do when it’s a warm summer evening and it’s still light.

country grape wine

You’d expect a fruit wine like the redcurrant wine that we sampled to work best as a dessert wine. But this was light and tangy enough to work as a main course accompaniment. It would be lovely with fish. Or with no food at all, sipped happily while watching the garden in the fading light.

_MG_4081 _MG_4083

As well as these wines being lovely, they are also from a lovely independent supplier, and have clearly had much love put into them. That makes things taste even better, doesn’t it?

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